March 1 Tweets

Thursday, March 1

@chesapeakeshake: taking the shuttle to @orlando shakespeare #sta12

@ladyjshepherd: welcoming remarks from Shannon Lacek and Patrick Spottiswoode #sta12

@jashuma: Opening meeting for #STA12. Globe education director & STA president Patrick Spottiswoode welcomes a very full house.

@ASC_Amy: Yay Jemma! RT @jashuma: Muse of Fire Theatre Company, a new company from Evanston IL. #STA12

@Jimhelsinger: Brazil just said they want to host the conference in 2016 at their new cool Globe! #STA12

@shakespearectr: From #sta12: Notes from Dr. Ralph Cohen’s lecture/workshop on rhetoric and performance: #2amt

@ASC_Amy: RT @shakespearectr: From #sta12: Notes from Dr. Ralph Cohen’s lecture/workshop on rhetoric and performance: #2amt

@jashuma: Quite a distinguished panel. #STA12

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 Utah shakes 2 artistic directors given freedom to make mistakes by Fred Adams (&go to Disney w/him)

@gmudge: Listening to David Ivers, Brian Vaughan, Utah. Tina Packer, S&Co., David Prosser, Lisa Middleton?, Stratford, founding principles. #STA12

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 breath and inspiration and access and passion and commitment at s&co

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 language rather than visual, accessibility, variety at stratford, ont. also, experience and beauty, relationships soaking in.

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 have grown, 60 mil budget, 3500 seats. Community support strong at Stratford.

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 Antoni says they are wrestling with bare stage idea.

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 Utah says keeping the mission in the daily routine is about coming back to the core. Find sounding boards to keep f/blowing up bldgs

@gmudge: Apologies, guessed wrong on the name, Anita Gaffney?. Stratford #STA12

@Jimhelsinger: Review of Roger Rees at #STA12 “clever, light-as-a-feather… with literary punch” #Shakespeare

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 Anita f/Stratford says forming the seasons annually is a regular opportunity to engage the mission.

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 keywords: engaging and educating, going out and bringing them in. Destination means keeping them busy all the time at utah

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 body came in as important for s&co, asks Tina how she engages body each day. She says it’s hard, can’t punch someone as a manager

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 education part of mission since 1953 at Stratford.

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 Stratford mission: excellent and innovation in production. 11 artistic directors in their history. Training is 2 years long.

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 it appears that the core founding principles are still the drivers for all of the panel theatres

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 Antoni f/Stratford ont: founded to rescue a rr town that the rr was abondoning.

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 Utah describes touching base on mission and goals with founders at regular meetings.

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 Stratford says describing the Issuing at length to patrons and staff regularly keeps mission at the front. his “letters are epic”

@ASC_Amy: Great live tweeting of Founder Plenary Session at #STA12 by @ASC_Sarahe. Follow along right now. #2amt

@gmudge: Prosser, double-edge to founding principles: Reconfigure the stage? “But that’s where Alec Guiness played R3!” @stratfest #tradition #STA12

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 Utah says innovate by getting clearer, telling the story better. Going back to Shakespeare…rarer shakespeare.

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 Jemma f/muse of fire ask for elaboration on innovation. S&co says:we work on ourselves, find new things in rehearsal & learning self

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 we need to be as innovative as as our founders, but can be stymied by our tradition.-stratford

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 shakes didn’t believe in innovation according to our definition but dove in deeper to improve on what is there

@gmudge: Tina: Sh innov. by going deeper than source material. Mulcahy: walk old ground to walk the new. Vaughan: respect past, hold future #STA12

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 walk the old ground to break the new ground: innovation in shakespeare.

@_plainKate_: I touch our core principals in trying to awaken in othet people the lightbulb that once went off for me. ~ David Prosser #STA12

@_plainKate_: Innovation for Shakespeare was to go more deeply into what he was doing. Copy the master, better the master. ~ Tina Packer #STA12

@_plainKate_: As an artistic leader, find 2-3 people you trust implicitly: can you check me a sec before I blow up the building? ~ David Vickers #STA12

@jashuma: Said distinguished panel was amazing. I need to get to Stratford Canada an Lennox Mass. #STA12 #utahshakes #shakespeareandco

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 Poland, Italy, and brazil on the int’l panel. Spottiswoode moderates.

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 translating, adopting, and adapting shakespeare from across the world on tap.

@gmudge: Next, now: #Shakespeare Everywhere: Taking Sh. Overseas. Companies from Italy, Brazil, Poland. #STA12

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 Italy (luisa) begins. Translating=betraying? Must find purpose: literary? Theological? Dramaturgical?

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 shakespeare in Italy in 18th century. 1st translator found his lack of adhering to the unities a problem. 1st woman translator…

@gmudge: Moderator Patrick Spottiswoode, quoting a American critic of a prev century: “One touch of #Shakespeare makes the whole world kin.” #STA12

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 …disliked the few # of women in the plays. Alba is the city of shakespeare.

@gmudge: @_plainKate_ @tofter Connect: Sh w/women’s prison inmates and professional actors in Italy: Louisa Rovida Sanctis. Teatro Licinium #STA12

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 1 school for every 820 people in Italy. Shakespeare introduced with puppets to the youngest, then w/more advanced programs at 11&14

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 shakespeare is as famous as ever in Italy.

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 Poland 26 translations of hamlet. Some topical (uprisings), some prop: embellishment includes hamlet saying he wants to be polish.

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 shakespeare is brought up to date in other translations in Poland.

@ladyjshepherd: CO Shakes tour of 12th Night tackles issues of bullying in schools #sta12

@ASC_Sarahe: Some translators change the original to demonstrate that literature is unable reflect life. That psychology is a literary construct. #STA12

@gmudge: ‘New’ vogue away from literature, continental Europe, incl Sh, too linear. But still taught. Jerzy Limon, Gdansk Sh, Poland. #STA12

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 continental Europe fights direct productions of shakes and traditional acting, so gdansk must fight on two fronts: translation&acting

@ladyjshepherd: Malvolio carries iPhone, receives tweets instead of a letter #sta12

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 audience members in Poland turned off by both the acting and adaptations, so gdansk is trying to get them back.

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 brazil is not just a country of football and carnival; it is a country of shakespeare! -mauro ( @amshakes’ mentored)

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 difficult to translate into portuguese, uses aboriginal dance and fights in their prod.

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 difficult to translate into portuguese, uses aboriginal dance and fights in their prod.

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 many states in Brazil have shakespeare interests. Theatre is prohibited in schools.

@gmudge: @ladyjshepherd “How now, who calls? #STA12

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 q: are new translations being created as part if process? A:Italy says not necessarily, updating comes as part of the process.

@gmudge: An elevated, cultural Italian but accessible. No new translations, coming from passion, vision of directors. Rovida Sanctis #STA12

@1623theatre: RT @OrlandoShakes: Want to follow the Shakespeare Theatre Association’s conference here at Shakes? Search for #STA12. Lots of attendees …

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 gdansk says time to create new translation is prohibitive but it occasionally happens.

@gmudge: European #Shakespeare #Festival Network, 8 countries. #STA12

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 In Poland shakespeare has always been political, even banned.

@gmudge: Tina Packer asking a ? referencing Jonathan Bate’s “The Genius of Shakespeare,”, section on Sh other countries. #STA12

@ASC_Amy: @gmudge You’ve been doing a great job, too! #STA12

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 Sara (board member at s&co) asks about rhetorical integrity in translations, gdansk says no one gets rhetorical structure. Wha??????

@ASC_Sarahe: #STA12 correction: theatre not taught in brazil until 1983. Now it is being embraced again. Shakespeare explored.

@_plainKate_: Don’t create strategies for your generation to talk to other generations. ~ Mark Brewer #STA12

@gmudge: Next, now: Matters more prosaic but no less important: STA structure, future. A staff position? Gen’l mgr, not Executive Director. #STA12

@ASC_Cass: So many thanks to @ASC_Sarahe & @gmudge for Tweeting #sta12 so diligently! Not quite as good as being there, but close. 😉

@RogueBelle: @ASC_Sarahe *gasp!* Blasphemy! You would think rhetoric would *help* translators achieve fidelity of meaning. #sta12

@ASC_Cass: @ASC_Sarahe *gasp!* Blasphemy! You would think rhetoric would *help* translators achieve fidelity of meaning. #sta12

@Jimhelsinger: I get rhetoric… #STA12

@allynburrows: @ASPBoston check that! That’s #STA12!

@gmudge: @Jimhelsinger Have you a link to/copy of the strategic plan? If e-mailed to the membership, I haven’t yet seen it. #STA12

@WomenOfWill: #STA12 Luisa from Italy: Translation is always betrayal, a little bit.

@gmudge: @noracbyrd Yes! Baja, Mexico, STA06, 1 of Tina’s “Women of Will” solo shows-Evolution of Sh’s female char., and of the man himself. #STA12

@Jimhelsinger: @Spottiswoode “we are wonderfully staggered!” at #STA12

@ASPBoston: Oops! #STA12 – #hashtagfail : (

@NYClassical: #STA12 “Acting Shakespeare” by Robert Cohen a great book on rhetoric

@gmudge: I love this play so much. #Cymbeline #sta12

@WomenOfWill: #STA12 We loved seeing our friend Johnny Lee Davenport in Cymbeline this evening!

@_plainKate_: People often say no subtext in Shakespeare, but impulse to shut up / suppress is embedded: Macduff says “he has no children.” #STA12

@_plainKate_: “Be simple. Be clear. Be rigorous in your preparation.” ~ David Ivers of Utah Shakes on directing #STA12

@_plainKate_: “It’s dangerous to set out to be innovative. Just ask ‘how do I make this come alive onstage?'” ~ David Prosser of Stratford #STA12

@_plainKate_: @melissaimpact @DominicDAndrea @ASC_Amy #STA12 said, “words you study belong to Shakespeare; words you play w/on your feet belong to you.”

@_plainKate_: Ah, here: “Plays open up as we narrow down. Words for a test are Shakespeare’s; words you use in perf are yours.” ~Dr. Ralph Cohen #STA12

@_plainKate_: “Trying to learn on the job is an excellent idea, and don’t blow the place up.” ~Tina Packer @womenofwill #STA12 #artisticdirectors

@ASPBoston: Thanks for keeping us in the loop! Keep it coming! RT @allynburrows: Representin’ @ASPBoston at #STA12! Jon Croy fr @shakeandco is inspired!

@ASPBoston: RT @_plainkate_: “Trying to learn on the job is an excellent idea, & don’t blow the place up.” ~Tina Packer @WomenOfWill #STA12…


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