updated 2.22.12

Fred Adams Utah Shakespeare Festival
Ken Adelman Movers & Shakespeares
Carol Adelman Movers and Shakespeares
Nikki Allen Utah Shakespearean Festival
Gary Armagnac Livermore Shakespeare Festival
Elizabeth Aspenlieder Shakespeare & Company
Michael Bahr Utah Shakespeare Festival
Jeeta Balasundram University of Maryland, College Park Md
Nan Barnette
Robert Barr Bard on the Beach
Michelle Bombe Shakespeare Behind Bars
Jessica Boone Prague Shakespeare Festival
Sally Boyett-D’Angelo Annapolis Shakespeare Company
Thomas Bradac Shakespeare Orange County
William Brown Arabian Gulf Shakespeare
Terry Burgler Ohio Shakespeare Festival
Tess Burgler Ohio Shakespeare Festival
Allyn Burrows Actors’ Shakespeare Project
Debra Ann Byrd Take Wing and Soar Productions, Inc.
Rob Chansler San Francisco Shakespeare Festival
Kristen Clippard San Francisco Shakespeare Festival
Lisa Coffi Shakespeare by the Sea
Ralph Cohen American Shakespeare Center
Kevin Coleman Shakespeare & Company
Neil Constable Shakespeare’s Globe
Kevin Costa Chesapeake Shakespeare Company
John Croy Shakespeare & Company
Lesley Currier Marin Shakespeare Company
Mercedes de La Torre Fundacion Shakespeare Argentina
Suzanne Dean Shakespeare by the Sea
Ute Defarlo Shakespeare & Co.
Brenda Devita American Players Theatre
Christy Dickinson Arts Midwest
Joseph Discher Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey
Lue Douthit Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Brianna Dow Harrisburg Shakespeare Company
David Dreyfoos
Carlos Drocchi Fundación Shakespeare Argentina
Kristin Dunstan
Sarah Enloe American Shakespeare Center
Rebecca Ennals San Francisco Shakespeare Festival
Patrick Flick Orlando Shakespeare Theater
Casey Gallagher Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival
Ian Gallanar Chesapeake Shakespeare Company
Richard Garner Georgia Shakespeare
Chuck Gessert Shakespeare At Notre Dame
Amanda Giguere Colorado Shakespeare Festival
Matt Given Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival
Janet Griffin Folger Theatre
Sean Hagerty New York Classical Theatre
Sarah Hancock Shakespeare & Company
Michael Hardy Institute of Outdoor Drama
Jim Helsinger Orlando Shakespeare Theater
Timothy Hengst Kingsmen Shakespeare Company
Anne Hering Orlando Shakespeare Theater
Jerry Hoffman Shakespeare Mallorca
Lisa Horohoe Orlando Shakespeare Theater
David Ivers Utah Shakespeare Festival
Andrea Jackson Stratford Shakespeare Festival
Tamara Johnson Virginia Shakespeare Festival
Becky Kemper San Francisco Shakespeare Festival
Lara Knox Ohio Shakespeare Festival
Shannon Lacek Orlando Shakespeare Theater
Katherine Laing Stratford Shakespeare Festival
Donna Law
Toby Leavitt San Francisco Shakespeare Festival
Jenny Leopold Chesapeake Shakespeare Company
Jemma Levy Muse of Fire
Cynde Liffick Richmond Shakespeare
Jerzy Limon Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre
Michael Lomonico Folger Shakespeare Library
Casey Long Shakespeare Dallas
Lesley Malin Chesapeake Shakespeare Company
Mauro Maya Instituto Gandarela
Dawn McAndrews Theater At Monmouth
Peter McCurdy Instituto Gandarela
Kathryn McGill Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park
Cindy Melby Phaneuf University of Nebraska Omaha
Harland Meltzer Colonial Theater
Jo Miller Grand Valley State University
Lauren Morris Georgia Shakespeare
Grant Mudge Richmond Shakespeare
Patrick Mulcahy Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival
Caroline Nesbitt Advice to the Players
Katharine Newhouse Harrisburg Shakespeare Festival
Paige Newmark Shakespeare WA (Western Australia)
Charles Ney Texas State University
Clark Nicholson Harrisburg Shakespeare Company
Anthony Obier Brevard Theatrical Ensemble
Terrence Obrien Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival
Timothy Orr Colorado Shakespeare Festival
Christopher Owens Virginia Shakespeare Festival
Tina Packer Shakespeare & Company
Scott Parker Institute of Outdoor Drama
Pat Partalion Institute of Outdoor Drama
Kami Paul Utah Shakespearean Festival
R Scott Phillips Utah Shakespeare Festival
Tony Pisculli Hawaii Shakespeare Festival
Kate Powers Freelance Director
David Prosser Stratford Shakespeare Festival
Dennis Razze Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival
Aimara Resende Instituto Gandarela
Guy Roberts Prague Shakespeare Festival
Luisa Rovida De Sanctis Accademia Dei Licini – Teatro Licinium
John Russell Montford Park Players
Gerard Schubert Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival
Peter Scribner Rochester Community Players
Stephanie Shine Shakespeare Walla Walla
Nicole Sibilski The Nashville Shakespeare Festival
Jay Skelton Notre Dame Shakespeare Festival
Philip Sneed Colorado Shakespeare Festival
Pamela Sogge San Francisco Shakespeare Festival
Patrick Spottiswoode Shakespeare’s Globe
Joshua Stavros Utah Shakespeare Festival
Colleen Stovall Shakespeare Miami
Curt Tofteland Shakespeare Behind Bars
Michelle Traverso Shakespeare Walla Walla
Lisa Tromovitch Livermore Shakespeare Festival
Steve Urkowitz American Shakespeare Center Trustee
Daniela Varon Shakespeare & Company
Jim Volz Quarto
Brian Vuaghn Utah Shakespeare Festival
Thomas Walsh Texas Christian University
Jeffrey Watkins Atlanta Shakespeare Company
Maggie Whitlum Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival
Rhea Wilson Muse of Fire
Sara Young American Players Theatre
Robert Young Folger Shakespeare Library
Jack Young Houston Shakespeare Festival
Steve Zinkgraf Prague Shakespeare Festival



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